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Voisey’s Bay West Nickel & Cobalt Corp.



Voisey’s Bay West Nickel & Cobalt Corp is a privately held Canadian base metal exploration company, incorporated in April of 2018. The company amassed the district-scale 65,775 hectare Voisey’s Bay West nickel, cobalt, and copper project which is contiguous with and west of Vale Inco’s Voisey’s Bay mine property. Voisey’s Bay West is the largest landholder in the district. The property is located in northern Labrador, Canada.


The regional geology of the Voisey’s Bay West  property consists of highly metamorphosed  gneisses and igneous intrusions of variable age and  composition.

Compilation of existing data indicates the presence  of mafic to ultramafic intrusions (the host rock to  massive sulfides in the area) under a shallow granitic  cap.

Historical operators, including Vale and Inco, have  transected the five main lithologies associated with  the Voisey’s Bay deposit on our current land  package.

Churchill Province (Tasiutyak) Gneiss

Enderbitic Gneiss 

Nain Orthogneiss 

Granitoid Intrusions 


Detailed Magnetics show a distinct northeast trend across the property, up through and connecting the Ashley and Ovoid mineralizations within Vale’s Voisey’s Bay project.

The Electromagnetic data was analyzed from 34 individual historic surveys, 894 anomalies were uncovered and analyzed, 7 primary targets were identified.

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